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The BusinessPhone IP solution lets you choose whether you want to use a combination of fixed, mobile or IP extensions, or switch over to a purely IP-based solution. Either way, BusinessPhone ensures that voice and stability are of premium quality, as always, and you can still enjoy all the PBX functionality of your current system. By evolving into IP, and integrating your voice and data networks, you’ll experience a wide range of benefits. You can set up cost saving voice and video communication, and lower your telecom bill by using solutions like IP networking to connect remote branch offices via the corporate network. Plus, with simplified maintenance, and the ability to quickly implement moves and changes, a single converged network helps decrease the total cost of ownership of your communication system over the long term.

BusinessPhone – A family with many members
BusinessPhone has solutions for businesses with 10 to 300 users. Here is a short introduction to the special strengths of the different members of the BusinessPhone family:

BusinessPhone Compact
The easy solution for enterprises with 10 to 30 users, BusinessPhone Compact is a stylish and handy plug-and-play version housed in a small stylish cabinet with five digital telephones.

BusinessPhone 50
This is the ideal solution for enterprises with up to 64 users. BusinessPhone 50 comes in the same cabinet as the stylish compact version but includes two extra slots for additional boards.

BusinessPhone 250
Perfect for enterprises with up to 300 users, BusinessPhone 250 even enables an advanced Call Center, with the capacity for up to 40 Call Center agents.

BusinessPhone 128i
BusinessPhone 128i is built to match your IP infrastructure. Supplied as a 19-inch system with the option of accommodating up to 128 users, it can be used for IP telephony as well as classic telephony.

Key Points BusinessPhone Family
  • Same type of boards and telephones in all systems. The modular approach makes it easy to expand your system as you expand your business.
  • Large system capacity and attractive prices. Small to medium-sized businesses get the right amount of telephony power at the right cost.
  • Excellent investment protection. If your business grows, you don’t have to start all over again with your telephone systems. BusinessPhone grows with you.
  • Advanced IP telephony. Even very small businesses can utilize the bandwidth in their LAN/WAN.
If you currently own a BusinessPhone, it is easy and inexpensive to upgrade your solution to benefit from the latest technological developments. If you have an older BusinessPhone model, we also have a financially attractive solution. We build flexibility into all our systems so you can continue to use older phones and build on the system expertise you’ve already developed. It pays to stay with Aastra.

BusinessPhone Solutions
Small and medium-sized enterprises need the same advanced communication options as larger enterprises – and at a price that makes good business sense. A combination of our views on employee mobility, our IP telephony capability and our attractive application platform, has led to the installation of more than 100,000 BusinessPhone systems with 7 million lines around the world today.
With BusinessPhone from Aastra, you get a wide range of communication options from digital telephony to IP telephony and SMS. With an uptime of 99.999%, you and the rest of your IP or telephony staff can sleep well at night. It’s an investment that pays off!

Mobility is a behavior, not a product. The workforce is becoming increasingly mobile and fewer people are able to, or for that matter want to, work solely from their desks. People are expected to be more efficient and provide better service with quicker response times. Availability and accessibility are a must. Work, therefore, becomes a process and not a place. Whatever size of business they work for, mobile workers need to stay in touch with customers, partners and colleagues, and be able to access and exchange the latest information fast Р anytime, anywhere.
When we offer mobility we are not just giving you mobile access. The integrated mobile solution brings all the features and services available to wired phones to mobile users. On top of that, BusinessPhone integrated voice supports the features that make the mobile life manageable for all users. Integrating these applications brings two main benefits: on the one hand they are easy to use; on the other hand they are cost-effective.

Mobile Extension
With Mobile Extension, business people on the move can now use their mobile phones as if they were full-featured extensions of the enterprise PBX. For example, they can make and receive calls, use internal short number dialing, check voicemail, have calls diverted to other extensions or managed by an attendant, as well as access all the usual services. Mobile Extension even allows call control and access to services through computer telephony applications, i.e. you can control your mobile phone with the same value-adding applications as your office phone.

Integrated Cordless
The Integrated Cordless Solution is based on DECT technology, which is a standard in all European and most world-wide markets. It offers superior voice quality as well as improved service through the availability of all enterprise PBX functions on the cordless device.

Mobile Client
With the Aastra Mobile Client (AMC) you get better leverage of your communication system investment for your mobile workforce. AMC is a mobile terminal client creating automatic access to Aastra Mobile Extension service for mobile integration to your communication system. It allows mobile users to use short number and extension dialing in combination with the Aastra Mobile Extension features, for utilizing traditional communication system services as if they were using their traditional desk phone.

IP Telephony
Data and telephony services converge via BusinessPhone IP telephony. This is done using a plug-in board, which opens up new possibilities for systems integration and Voice over IP (VoIP). BusinessPhone IP makes VoIP a sensible investment for small and medium-sized enterprises. Apart from the obvious financial savings, you benefit from better utilization of the data infrastructure of your enterprise and the option of getting applications via the network. Communication solutions with fully integrated speech and data result in improved efficiency, reduced system administration time and costs and far smoother and faster customer service response.

H.232 – IPU Board
  • • Interfaces: Ethernet 10/100BaseT
  • Protocols: IPv4, BOOTP, coding of speech packets according to RTP, DHCP, TCP, UDP, FTP, H.323 v4 incl. Annex M.1, H.225 and H.245, Gatekeeper – Gatekeeper signaling with Location Request procedure
  • Voice support: up to 12 gateway calls per IPU
  • Voice coder: G.711, G.723.1, G.729ab
  • Quality of Service support: queuing prioritization, Type of Service (TOS). DiffServ according to RFC 2474
  • Support for IP clients, Networking over IP, IP loop trunking
SIP – SIPU Board
  • Interfaces: Ethernet 10/100BaseT
  • Protocols: SIP
  • Voice support: up to 32 gateway calls per SIPU
  • Voice coder: G.711aLaw, G.711uLaw,G.723,G.729a, G.729ab
  • Support for SIP clients, SIP loop trunking (Availability to be advised)
BusinessPhone enables you to visualize and listen to your voice messages when accessing from your PC while you are abroad or while in the office. The Voice Messaging Unit (VMU) and UM have strong interoperability with other applications such as BackStage, helping you organize your messages more efficiently and increase your productivity.

The BusinessPhone Networking solution allows BusinessPhone communication systems to become part of integrated digital cor¬porate voice and data networks. There are different Networking services, designed to cover a wide range of corporate networking scenarios, allowing BusinessPhone systems to interact with other BusinessPhone and MX-ONE systems, as well as with PBXs from other vendors. Switched dial-up, leased ISDN lines and corporate IP networks can be used to connect them.
In effect, BusinessPhone Networking can link your communica¬tion systems together so that they behave like one unified voice and data communication network, providing service transparen¬cy, cost-efficiency and adaptability to your organization’s needs

A truly dedicated solution such as BusinessPhone Hospitality incorporates special, tailor-made features and equipment to meet the specific requirements of your business. The best part is that you also benefit from a wide spectrum of advanced commu¬nication features and functions that have made BusinessPhone a worldwide winner.
Whether you run a hotel, holiday complex, hospital, conference center, retirement home or even a cruise ship, you can be sure of the highest standards of operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

System Management
BusinessPhone Management Suite is a tool for configuration, administration and maintenance of the BusinessPhone family. It combines the ease of use and access flexibility of a Web-based tool with the efficiency of Java programming optimized for BusinessPhone system configuration and management. This Windows Vista™ compliant application is self-contained, simple to install and use, and has a very wide range of configuration alternatives on various 16 and 32 bit operating systems. The server software can be installed either at customer or service center premises, and can be accessed locally or remotely using a Web browser in¬terface. The package supports multiple user profiles and multiple BusinessPhone systems.
The use of the Web browser graphical user interface (GUI) and the wide range of BusinessPhone-to-BMS server connection alterna¬tives offers great flexibility in the use of the Management Suite.

BusinessPhone Applications
BusinessPhone applications enable set-up optimization at a sensible price. While applications are perceived by many as an expensive investment that needs a lot of maintenance, with BusinessPhone, Aastra has developed a concept perfectly suited to small and medium-sized enterprises without a big price tag.
* All new BusinessPhone systems include two user licenses on all applications.
With BusinessPhone, applications run on the Integrated Application Server board that operates as part of the BusinessPhone infrastructure.

IAS Integrated Application Server (IAS)
The IAS board is a flexible and inexpensive way of introducing applications. With the help of embedded Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 software, the board runs BusinessPhone applications. This means that once you have installed the board, it is incredibly easy to add and update applications. There is no maintenance of components other than those that form part of the BusinessPhone system. The IAS board can, of course, be maintained and updated easily via remote upgrading

Computer Telephony (CT)
The BusinessPhone Computer Telephony platform offers small to medium-sized enterprises a wide range of opportunities normally reserved for large systems. By combining the strength of telephony and data, and consequently PC applications, it is easier for employees to work more effectively in a structured environment.
Think, for instance, about the many small enterprises that lose important calls because they are short staffed. The use of BusinessPhone CT applications offers solutions to that problem and more, which can give your business a competitive edge.

BackStage Platinum
Imagine that you have a tool that improves both communication and customer service in a straightforward and effective way, benefiting all in your enterprise. That is exactly what you get with BackStage Platinum. BackStage Platinum, which is a 32-bit application compliant with Windows™ XP and Vista, provides integration with applications such as Microsoft® Outlook®, Excel®, Word and Access. These can now be “telephony activated.”
BackStage Platinum is a software-based communication tool (CT and VoIP) that enhances the CT platform on BusinessPhone. BackStage Platinum comprises call handling and business telephony support, SMS messaging, communication profiles, details about employee presence or absence, improvements in personal work efficiency and corporate group collaboration as well as data integration. One of the crucial elements is the integration with a customer’s infrastructure.
BackStage Platinum supports IP, digital, wireless and analog communication devices as well as mobile telephones. Access can, of course, also be achieved via PCs, web browsers and Pocket PCs.

PC Switchboard Operator Suite
NOW 2007 for BusinessPhone is a solution that offers switchboard operators a powerful and efficient tool for superior internal and external service. The solution ensures more effective dial-up handling, catalog control, messaging, information on absence and administration functions – all on a single PC.
NOW 2007 for BusinessPhone works together with the BusinessPhone communication system via the CT link. Switchboard operators can use their time more efficiently thereby providing better service to customers calling the business or to colleagues on extension numbers.

Call Center
BusinessPhone Call Center provides all the functions needed at a Call Center, making it simple for you to give customers a positive impression of your business. With the modular structure of BusinessPhone Call Center, it is a breeze to expand to meet demand. You also get the management and statistical tools you need to plan work procedures and manage Call Center agents in an effective way.

Voice Mail, E-mail and Fax
With Unified Messaging, company employees can access their voice mails, e-mails and even faxes in one inbox. This means that they have access to voice mail wherever they have access to e-mail, whether they’re in the office, on the move or at home. They can display, listen to, play or forward voice mails easily, just like e-mails.
Aastra´s flexible and economical Unified Messaging solutions can be easily and effortlessly integrated into existing BusinessPhone installations. Full integration via BackStage Platinum with Microsoft® Outlook® or Lotus Notes means that employees have access to messages in the same intuitive way. When they are on the road, SMS messages ensure that they don’t miss out on important information.

Unified Messaging
Unified Messaging is perfect for enterprises with mobile workers that need to be able to contact the business or customers no matter where they are. On BusinessPhone, Unified Messaging makes the daily handling of messages simple

BusinessPhone Terminals
With the Aastra Dialog telephone series, you get a prize-winning design, extraordinary sound quality, unique functions and superior ergonomics.
Dialog telephones epitomize user-friendliness. You and your colleagues can use the telephones’ many built-in functions easily and effortlessly.
One of the cornerstones in our design process is our focus on an environmentally sound design. The advanced telephones in the Dialog series ensure the least possible effect on the environment when they are in use – and when they are returned for recycling. The Dialog series includes digital, analog and IP telephones. The telephones come in light or dark grey.

Analog Telephones
If you have a BusinessPhone solution, we can offer you a selection of analog telephones, including several office models and a model especially created for hotels. Most of our analog telephones come with functions such as re-dial and “message waiting” indication as well as programmable keys and the ability to connect directly to a PC and headset. Find the model that suits you and your business best.

Dialog 4147 Medium/Hotel

Dialog 4187 Plus

Dialog 4422 – IP Office

Dialog 4425 – IP Vision

Aastra 7433 IP

Aastra 7446 IP

Aastra 7434 IP

Dialog 4222 Office

Dialog 4220 Lite

Key Panels for Aastra 7434 IP

Dialog 4223 Professional

Dialog 4224 Operator

DT400 Series




Aastra 6730i

Aastra 6731i

Aastra 6753i

Aastra 6755i

Aastra 6757i

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